The Fence Installation Season has Begun in Sioux City

American Fence Company of Sioux City has just ventured into the busy season, but we’re already loaded up with projects. We proudly offer a wide variety of fencing supplies and our extensive fence installation knowledge to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Below are four examples of our newest additions to the great town of SiouxContinue Reading

How to Build a Wood Privacy Fence

Want to know to build the popular privacy fence? Assuming you have already followed our previous lesson on setting wood fence posts; follow these simple instructions to build a beautiful professional-looking solid privacy. We have provided a step-by-step method that includes all the professional “tricks to the trade.” What equipment will I need? Air nailContinue Reading

American Fence is Sioux City’s Choice Fence Contractor

It is official! American Fence Company lights up I-29 through Sioux City with their impressive billboard sign. This new signage is symbolic in announcing to everyone that we are officially open for business in Sioux City, Iowa. Already, we have quoted well over a hundred local projects in the Sioux City area. Local residents haveContinue Reading

How to Install Tension Wire on Chain Link Fence

Objective: Be able to complete chain link tension wire installation. Equipment: 2ea. come-a-longs, pliers, bolt cutters, chop saw or hand saw, wire rake for the appropriate height wire, speed wrench with ½” socket, barb wire dog, T-bar, and hammer. Key Topic: How to install top or bottom tension wire How to install top or bottomContinue Reading