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American Fence Company of Sioux City has just ventured into the busy season, but we’re already loaded up with projects. We proudly offer a wide variety of fencing supplies and our extensive fence installation knowledge to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Below are four exa [read more]
How to Build a Wood Privacy Fence
Want to know to build the popular privacy fence? Assuming you have already followed our previous lesson on setting wood fence posts; follow these simple instructions to build a beautiful professional-looking solid privacy. We have provided a step-by-step method that includes all the professi [read more]
American Fence is Sioux City’s Choice Fence Contractor
It is official! American Fence Company lights up I-29 through Sioux City with their impressive billboard sign. This new signage is symbolic in announcing to everyone that we are officially open for business in Sioux City, Iowa. Already, we have quoted well over a hundred local projects in th [read more]
How to Install Tension Wire on Chain Link Fence
Objective: Be able to complete chain link tension wire installation. Equipment: 2ea. come-a-longs, pliers, bolt cutters, chop saw or hand saw, wire rake for the appropriate height wire, speed wrench with ½” socket, barb wire dog, T-bar, and hammer. Key Topic: How to install top or bot [read more]
How to Build a Wood Board-on-Board Fence
Objective: To build the most popular style of wood fence that offers privacy and is aesthetically pleasing. Equipment: Hammer, compressor, air hose, pry bar, tape measure, torpedo level, string line, circular saw, sixteen penny rail nails, six penny picket nails, loose six penny nails, 12’ [read more]
The Truth, Myth and Fiction about Vinyl Fence
Sioux City has weathered through another winter season, and vinyl fences around the city are still standing tall. This is of no surprise as we’ve known of vinyl’s lasting power since it was introduced over 20 years ago. Yet, some neighborhood associations and homeowners still aren’t su [read more]
How To Select Your Wood Fence Posts: Yellow Pine vs White Pine
The critical component in building a wood fence is your selection of posts.  In the Sioux City market, we have several different types of wood species to choose from.   The most widely available from the Sioux City box stores will be the Yellow pine.  However, your better [read more]
American Fence Company  helps Sioux City flood victims
American Fence Company of Sioux City is grateful for the opportunity to assist flood victims along the Missouri, Platte and Elkhorn River. Having operations throughout Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota, we are keenly aware of the extensive damaged caused by this flood. Maybe more importantly, we hav [read more]