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Where to Find Custom Ornamental Fence and Gate Fabrication
Custom fence and custom gates Where do I find custom ornamental fencing and gates? Oddly, most fence contractors do not build custom ornamental fencing and gates. Custom ornamental is often interpreted as very ornate and decorative designs that are designed specifically for your home. This old-wo [read more]
Our Fence Company Office Looks Better than Ever
Sioux City Fence Company with a Face Lift American Fence Company of Sioux City has new digs! Our facility located at 4700 South York Street, Sioux City, Iowa has received a makeover with all new flooring, wall treatments and furniture. Our staff has created a great work environment that anyone wo [read more]
Get your Temporary Construction Fence in Sioux City from American Fence Company
Construction is booming in Sioux City! And so is the need for construction temporary fences. Did you know that American Fence Company of Sioux City has the Midwest largest inventory of temporary fence materials? With access to thousands of temporary fence panels, we have everything you need when you [read more]
How to Select your Fence Contractor
There are several didn't Sioux City fence contractors to choose from, but how do you narrow down who would work best for you? Here is a simple, comprehensive guide to choosing your fence contractor in Sioux City, Iowa. Choosing your Fence Contractor Look for that fence contractor that choo [read more]
How to Hide your Dumpster
In the last several years, cities throughout the United States have been adopting “Appearance Standards.” These standards address how residential, commercial and industrial facilities address what the public may consider an eye sore. What particularly is being addressed in these standards? Mecha [read more]
Commercial Fence for All of Sioux City
Of course, American Fence Company of Sioux City provides commercial fencing for mechanical equipment. Take a quick tour around, and you will find our industrial and commercial fence all around Sioux City.  American Fence Company is the largest provider of commercial and industrial fencing in Sioux [read more]
6 Fence Tips for Big Dogs
Anyone with a large dog knows that they’re a force of nature, and keeping them fenced in is not always easy. Some dogs jump, some dogs climb, some dogs chew through the fence and some dogs are large enough to just break through it if they’re motivated enough. This means you need to be very delib [read more]
White Pine vs. Yellow Pine Fence: The Pros and Cons
As anyone who has looked into installing a wood fence can tell you that there are several different types of wood you can choose from. Yellow pine and white pine are two of the most common and affordable options. White pine is a softwood with a low density and even grain. White pine is prone to d [read more]