Commercial Chain Link Fence Panels

Affordable Security

A high-quality chain link fence in Sioux City allows you to keep out intruders while, at the same time, preventing pets and children from leaving the yard. Here at American Fence Company, chain link fence panels come in two very affordable types: traditional galvanized and black vinyl.

Iowa's Largest Supplier

American Fence Company manages over 18 acres of fence material inventory between eleven branch locations nationwide. As such, we possess the largest supply of chain link fence parts in Sioux City, the state of Iowa, and the entire American Midwest.

Numerous Options

Our chain link fences come in two colors, a variety of gauges, and heights of 3’, 3.5’, 4’, 5’, and 6’. This multitude of options means we can mix and match to create the chain link fence of your dreams.


In the past, chain link fence materials were only available in traditional galvanized form. Today, American Fence Company of Sioux City also offers black vinyl chain link fencing for extra aesthetic appeal. As the Midwest’s largest supplier of chain link fence parts, we carry the following options when it comes to chain link fencing: twelve different heights, two colors, and various gauges. All of our products are designed, fabricated, and installed by trained industry professionals.

Chain Link Fences in Sioux City FAQ

What are the desired qualities of commercial chain link fabric?

  • Mesh Size determines the spacing between parallel wires in chain link fabric and, through that, the amount of steel in the product. In other words: the wider the “diamonds” in the mesh, the less steel the fabric contains, and vice versa. For residential fencing, American Fence Company of Sioux City recommends nothing less than 2 3/8” mesh, though there are many sizes available.
  • Wire Gauge (ga.) or diameter also determines the amount of steel in the fabric. Smaller gauge numbers indicate higher steel content and wire strength. For residential fencing in Sioux City, we recommend nothing less than 11½ gauge chain link.
  • Core wire coating comes in three types:
    • GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving) provides a smooth, consistent coating, popular for yards and sports venues.
    • Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) is submerged in hot melted zinc after the weaving process. Tends to leave nubs caused by dripping zinc. The speed at which the zinc is dipped and then removed determines the coating’s weight.
    • Aluminum Coating is applied before the weaving process begins and yields a dull finish.
  • Vinyl Coating Over Finished Core Wire comes in three types:
    • Class 1 Extruded. The vinyl coating is pulled over the core in the manner of a sock. Thicker and not easily torn or peeled.
    • Class 2A Extruded and Bonded. Thinner coating attached to wire by use of glue. Greatly reduces the likelihood of tearing and peeling.
    • Class 2B Fused and Bonded. Defined by popularity with engineers and architects. While boasting the thinner coating type for chain link fencing, it is also the strongest in terms of resistance to cracks, peels, and tears. Bound and fused in the manner of steel welding.

How do I select chain link fence framework from American Fence Company of Sioux City?

Begin by selecting the gauge and outside diameter of your fence pipe. Use the table below for selecting the framework next.

Application   Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
3’-4’ high Top rail 1-3/8” 17 ga. 1-3/8” 16 ga. 1-3/8” 15 ga.
Line Posts 1-5/8” 17 ga. 1-5/8” 16 ga. 1-5/8” 15 ga.
Terminal Posts 1-7/8” 17 ga. 1-7/8” 16 ga. 1-7/8” 15 ga.
5’-6’ high Top rail 1-3/8” 17 ga. 1-3/8” 16 ga. 1-5/8” 15 ga.
Line Posts 1-7/8” 17 ga. 1-7/8” 16 ga. 1-7/8” 15 ga.
Terminal Posts 2-3/8” 17 ga 2-3/8” 16 ga. 2-3/8” 15 ga.

Chain link fences manufactured and installed by American Fence Company of Sioux City begin with a few basic elements — fabric, framework, fittings, and gates — the final product determined by the manner in which all four are combined.