Aria Louvers from PalmSHIELD

Check out the sophisticated Aria louvers from PalmSHIELD! Leonardo Da Vinci, who famously stated: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, would have appreciated the sophistication and simplicity of the Aria louvers. PalmSHIELD has just made your architectural screening decision easier with the new Aria horizontal louvers. Aria louvers are:

  • Affordable. The new Aria louvers are extremely economic compared to the solutions on the market.
  • Easy. Very few tools are required to complete installation after the posts are set. There is not an easier installation available.
  • Simple. With only simple tools needed, this is the most simple solution to architectural screening.
  • Flexible. Post spacing and louvers angles can be adapted to your needs and can be used on slopes. This field assembled architectural screening is perfect for rooftop applications.
  • Clean. Aria is architectural screening designed to look clean and sophisticated.

The posts, louvers, post inserts and caps come broken down, packaged and labeled. Nothing more is needed! The installation process for the Aria louvers is the fastest and easiest in the market.

  • PalmSHIELD’s louvered panels will ship broken down with all louvered sections individually packaged and labeled. The drawings provided will show your layouts in detail.
  • Set the provided slotted posts per the drawings. PalmSHIELD’s shop drawings detail the installation process.
  • Layout the individual packages of louvers per each bay. Each package of louvers is packaged separately and labeled per the provided drawings.
  • Louvers will quickly slide into the pre-slotted posts. The premade slots are precisely cut and designed for a simple installation. There will be very little gap spacing once the louvers are inserted.
  • The majority of sections can be easily assembled in under 10 working minutes.
  • Once a panel is assembled, attach the center vertical support with PalmSHEILD provided rivets and rivet tool.
  • Now on to the next panel! Ten sections can be installed in less than one hour.

The clever Aria design by PalmSHIELD is a sophisticated design in its simplicity. The Aria louver design incorporates exclusive opposing mirrored slots routed in opposite directions. The slight amount of stress placed on the louvers by this design ensures a snug fit of the louvers and prevents louver movement in the wind. Our vertical center supports and louvers are pre-punched, making field assembly easy to understand and perform.

Sophistication is about taking the complex and making it simple. PalmSHIELD has taken a complex design and simplified it resulting in a sophisticated, clean product.