The American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City, IA is the premier playground and recreational equipment contractor in the Midwest. We are equipped to tackle every playground project, no matter the size: design, installation, upkeep, you name it. With our in-house staff of project planners, playground installers, and inspectors, we can ensure that your playground, park, sporting, or other outdoor recreational area will meet your expectations. No two situations are identical. Some clients need to replace aging structures or add new fixtures, while others want to install an entire playground site from the ground up. Regardless, you need to seek out a playground contractor in Sioux City whose itinerary includes playground structures, inclusive elements, sports equipment, shades (which help reduce the odds of accidental burns when temperatures soar), and fixtures such as benches and trash receptacles. We handle all of this and more: such as numerous surfacing options, which includes artificial turf.

The professionals employed by the American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City have been trained to evaluate projects and assist clients in planning their ideal equipment design. Once you have decided which furnishings and structures you want for your Sioux City playground, we provide a site layout so that all components can be seen at once. From here, it can be determined whether the final result will layout as you planned. From here, our team will make small adjustments until it matches your expectations.

Playground Equipment Consultation in Sioux City

A park bench overlooking a play structure in primary colors

The American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City has access to the various site amenities, playground structuressurfacing, playground sports equipment, shade structures, and park furnishings, to bring your Sioux City playground dream to life. During our playground equipment consultation, our team of experts will pinpoint specific options. The playground of your dreams will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Projected age range for playground users
  • Purpose of playground
  • Preference
  • Playground capacity
  • Playground location
  • Total space for playground
  • Budget for playground

Sioux CityPlayground Equipment Installation

Installations for all recreational and playground equipment in Sioux City are handled by experienced professionals. Here at American Playground & Recreation Company, we ensure that the playground installation process is handled with efficiency by giving every aspect of the process close attention. Our team is dedicated to creating enjoyable, safe environments for playtime and recreation. Specializing in in-person or virtual conversations, American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City offers a fully equipped solution, which also includes computer designed equipment, efficient manufacturing, and safe installation. For all of these reasons, we have earned our reputation as the top Sioux City playground contractor.

Sioux City Playground Safety

As is to be expected from the number one Sioux City playground contractor, American Playground & Recreation Company takes safety very seriously. Of course, not all injuries can be prevented, but we take as many precautions as possible to prevent as many as we can. One method to do so is to have a playground maintenance inspection done by a professional. Our playground inspectors are CPSI-certified, which means they have the most comprehensive training on playground equipment safety.

Inclusive Play

Children of all abilities can learn and play together with the same playground equipment. After all, a playground is inclusive when it removes the barriers of exclusion. They are fun and everyone has fun at them. Sioux City playgrounds are no exception and should be designed as multi-sensory, safe environments for children and families. The inclusive playground sets at American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City promote multi-sensory, integrated funtime with the appropriate physical accommodations.Characteristics of inclusive and accessible play equipment

Characteristics of inclusive and accessible play equipment

American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City offers additional resources to help you determine funding for your project. This includes grantsfundraising community builds, and purchasing contracts – all of which can help assist in devising the right budget. This is another priority we have here, which also makes us the number one Sioux City playground contractor.

Vibrant play ground with climbing features, slides, steps and fireman's pole

  • You’ll be happy to know that non-profit groups, corporations, and even the government recognize the importance of Sioux City playgrounds, and grants have been set up to help cover the costs of such recreational areas. A playground grant in Sioux City is a terrific resource when calculating the budget for your project and playground equipment. A variety of playground grant options are available at local, state, and national levels.
  • Another effective way to reach Sioux City playground budget goals is fundraising. See this list of resources to learn more about the various ways to put together a fundraiser. When playing a fundraiser, remember that everyone’s goal, community, and budget is different. Bear in mind that what works for you might not necessarily work for everyone.
  • A community build is when a group of people from the same neighborhood, city, or division unite to build a playground. A community build has the potential to cut installation costs and also adds a feeling of involvement.
  • Finding competitive pricing is easy here at the American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City, where we offer purchasing contracts (also known as buying cooperatives and buying agreements). These are nationwide procurement services that have relationships with numerous companies for the competitive goods and services. These purchasing networks can wield buying power and top of the line suppliers through their professional teams to help achieve the best bid for the best product.

American Playground & Recreation Company in Sioux City, a division of The AmeriFence Corporation, has access to numerous resources of our parent company. We also have the luxury of combined buying power which makes us very competitive on price but also allows customizations and services not found elsewhere. For all of these reasons, we are worthy of our reputation as the premier Sioux City playground contractor.

American Playground & Recreation Company’s playgrounds, site amenities, shelters and more can be found throughout the Midwest. Our service areas include Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Rochester, Minnesota; Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas; Madison, Lincoln and Grand Island Nebraska; Des Moines, Sioux City and Iowa City, Iowa.