Powder Coating with IronShield

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IronShield provides top notch surface preparation and coatings for a wide variety of materials and products. They offer both powder coating and liquid coating services to both individuals as well as commercial or industrial companies. IronShield can liquid coat (paint) just about anything that can fit in their large 20′ x 10′ x 12′ booth.

IronShield offers powder coating for any compatible object that can fit inside their 35’ x 10’ x 10’ oven, endure the oven’s high temperatures and hold an electrostatic charge. The bulk of items that are powder coated tend to be metal items. Below is a list of a few examples of the types of items IronShield can powder coat for you.

IronShield sand blasting booth
  • Architectural screening
  • Single line hand rails
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Car bodies
  • Tumblers
  • Planters
  • Gussets
  • Gates
  • Sinks
  • Pots



IronShield’s indoor, climate-controlled facility includes a blasting booth that is 20’ x 10’ x 12’. They use sand as their blasting medium to smooth, clean and shape their project materials. The solid sand particles are shot out of the sandblaster and hit across the hard surface at high speeds, acting as sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Industrial swing gate with powder coating

Phosphate Etching

Before applying powder coat to metal surfaces, IronShield first rinses the metal, degreases it, rinses it again and then etches it. They use phosphate etching to improve the grip of the powder coating on the metal. Materials like aluminum can be very slick and will need extra assistance to bond the powder coat to the metal surface. Phosphate etching also significantly improves corrosion resistance to ensure that your newly powder coated item is resistant to rust and will stay in tip-top condition.

Powder Coating

IronShield creates amazing coatings across the board, but powder coating is their specialty. Powder coating is a form of dry coating that is applied electrostatically and then heated in a large oven under high heats to turn the dry powder into an opaque, durable shell. Powder coating is ideal for metal items, but can also be used on other materials that can both conduct a charge and endure high heats. Powder coating is very popular for use on large items like car bodies as well as for small items like tire rims and door handles.

Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is a broad category and can be used for many different applications. It can be applied aired or airlessly to many different surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic and metal. IronShield’s booth is 20’ x 10’ x 12’, which is large enough to handle architectural screening, automobiles and other large pieces.


Upon request, IronShield will pick up and deliver your project’s materials using one of their many tractor trailer operations. Their delivery services ensure your product is well taken care of and will not suffer dents, scratches, chips or abrasions.

Custom Metals Fabrication

For over 50 years, IronShield’s manufacturing has been designing, manufacturing and engineering custom metals products. Their products have been specified all across the United States for high-profile customers such as the College World Series Ballpark, Tesla, MGM Casino, NASA, and SpaceX.