K-Rated Vehicle Restraint Systems Overview

What is available in Iowa for high security gates, fencing, restraints and barriers?
Security is a top priority for many organizations throughout Sioux City and the surrounding area in Iowa. The American Fence Company of Sioux City provides every option you might need to secure and control access to any location. Some of the options we offer include: active and passive vehicle barrier systems, fixed barrier systems, portable and movable barrier systems, cable restraint systems – including certified K-rated systems, hydraulic crash bollards, hydraulic pop-up barriers, barrier arm gates, crash barrier cantilever gates, high security prison gates, concertina wire or razor wire, access control systems for fingerprints, retina scans and more.

Finding experienced contractors to see your high security system installation through from start to finish is easy when you choose the professional team at American Fence Company of Sioux City to oversee your security project.

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