How to Select your Fence Contractor

There are several didn’t Sioux City fence contractors to choose from, but how do you narrow down who would work best for you? Here is a simple, comprehensive guide to choosing your fence contractor in Sioux City, Iowa.

Choosing your Fence Contractor

  • Look for that fence contractor that chooses to proactively engage their customers. American Fence Company is proud to be the only fence contractor participating in the Sioux City Home Show. We believe that it important for our customers to meet and greet our staff, and to see first hand our line of products. “You have got to get out and meet the people!” says Bryan Mesz, American Fence Company – Sioux City Branch Manager.  Bryan reminds us that relationships are initiated one encounter at a time.
  • Google matters. Once you feel like you have found that contractor that is right for you, you should take the time to research that contractor.  Google is a great source. Check out their Google reviews. Past customers, employees and associates use this venue to freely share their experience working with a contractor.  If a contractor has little to no reviews, you should be cautious. It most likely does not mean that they provide impeccable service and materials.  It may mean that they are new to the industry and have a short list of customers.
  • Take a drive. Check out your contractor’s digs. If they have a nice, well organized facility, they will most likely treat your home in the same manner. If you find materials scattered and vehicles run down, be wary. Have you visited American Fence Company at our digs located at 4700 South York Street?
  • Years of service and experience matters.  Let’s face it, any business can survive for awhile as they live from one customer’s deposit to the next. One hiccup in their operations or a really long winter, that contractor could be gone overnight. Look for a contractor with 20, 30 or even 50 years in business. That level of tenure should give you confidence that they will be around to warranty your project. American Fence Company has some grey hair, serving Sioux City for over 50 years.

Hopefully, these helpful hints help you choose your fence contractor.  Spring is right around the corner…just not the next corner. To get a FREE estimate from American Fence Company of Sioux City, please submit an online request or give us a call at 712-202-3309 today.

The American Fence Company of Sioux City set up at the 2019 home show

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